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Dear visitors,

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. As we take our first steps, we would like to introduce our program of Teach-Yourself Videos for Vietnamese Music with accompanying Study Guide. This is an easy-to-follow program taught by musician Ðức Thành himself as well as a number of other renowned musicians experienced in teaching at conservatories and universities and performing on stage. Programs of instruction include: Dan Tranh (16-string zither) – Dan Bau (monochord) – Sao Truc (bamboo flute) – Dan Nguyet (moon lute) – How to read sheet music...Furthermore, if you are in need of quality instruments for practice, we are fully prepared to fulfill your needs.

We also provide authentic Ðàn Bầu solo albums in a number of various genres including traditional folk songs and music ( “dan ca nhac co” ) to classic Vietnamese romantic pop (from the “tien chien” era) performed by acclaimed Dan Bau performer Pham Duc Thanh . In addition, we also have a wide variety of CD's of Vietnamese folk songs, poetry declamation, traditional music ensembles, Dan Bau, and folk songs across the world. Our ensemble also accepts invitations to appear at various Vietnamese celebrations and traditional festivals with solo performances of some of the most unique and beautiful instruments of Vietnam, along with folk songs done in the traditional style and in traditional costume.

With hundreds of performances for musical festivals held across the world, we are doing our best to preserve the most advanced instrumental techniques and the most traditional song genres through our Teach-Yourself Videos, traditional Vietnamese music CDs, etc. This is a method of learning that is extremely easy that allows one to study anytime and anywhere. Together, we can allow the youth to discover the culture of Vietnam through music. We hope for your support.

We sincerely thank you.

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